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Causes of shrinkage in advertising aluminum extrusion process preventive measures


Shrinking is a unique waste product in the process of advertising aluminum extrusion processing. Specifically divided into hollow tail  ring tail. Hollow shrinkage is caused by oil contamination on the extrusion gasket  too little residual extrusion material, which causes a serious shortage of metal supply  other reasons. Hollow shrinkage is mainly due to the end of the extrusion process Insufficient metal supply in the deformation zone forces the metal to cause lateral turbulence along the periphery of the extrusion gasket, causing colder sides  side surfaces,  returning oily metal to the product. The ring-shaped tail is generally in the shape of a continuous  discontinuous ring on the cross section of the tail end of the product.

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The main measures to prevent shrinkage in the extrusion processing of aluminum alloy profiles:

1) Reduce the difference between the temperature of the aluminum ingot  the temperature of the tool,  use low temperature extrusion.

2) Ensure that the surface of the ingot is clean  heated evenly.

3) Do  apply oil to the squeeze pad  wipe the pad with an oil cloth.

4) Improve the surface finish of the mold  extrusion barrel,  clean the extrusion barrel in time.

5) Decrease the extrusion speed towards the end of the extrusion process.

6) Use lubricated extrusion  reverse extrusion.

7) Residual material  tail cut as required,  appropriately increase the thickness of the residual material.

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