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A brief analysis of why aluminum light boxes are made of aluminum profiles?


Light box aluminum is an aluminum profile widely used in the production of advertising light boxes, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance. The bendable light box aluminum profile needs to be bent into a specific shape by a special bending machine, which can be folded into square, round, oval, etc. It is widely used in the production of plastic light boxes.

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The aluminum case of the light box is made of blister acrylic sheet, which absorbs light uniformly, so the light emitted through the acrylic sheet is soft  pure in color.

The function of the aluminum case of the light box is that it  only covers the lamp in order to gather the light, but also prevents static electricity  also protects the eyes. Therefore, each lamp has a lamp housing.


At present, high-power LED lamps are generally made of aluminum, such as die-cast aluminum, car aluminum,  stretched aluminum. Compared with stainless steel, it has the following advantages:

1. Light box aluminum needs good heat dissipation material,  aluminum has a much larger thermal conductivity than steel;

2. Good processing of aluminum profiles, which can be handled in many stores,  easy to obtain materials;

3, there is a layer of dense alumina on the aluminum surface, which has a good anti-oxidation  corrosion effect;

4, that is, aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel,  the price is appropriate.

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Foshan Guozong Advertising Aluminum is an enterprise focusing on the production of advertising aluminum profiles : advertising light boxes  other products; it has a complete  scientific production quality framework management system. The company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, honest management; technical innovation, development  improvement" corporate development concept,  promoted the "good moral harmony, the pursuit of excellence; hard work, innovation",  "strive to enhance core competitiveness  serve the world's advertising industry "Business purpose. Welcome your presence  guidance,  look forward to your joining  witnessing. Let us set a new starting point, create new glory,  work together for a better future!




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