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Foshan Guozong Advertising Aluminum is a company specializing in the production of advertising aluminum profiles : advertising light boxes / promotional bars / art frames / display boards / signage signs / ceiling keels / power supply boxes  hardware accessories, etc .; Production quality architecture management system. The company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, honest management; technological innovation, development  improvement" corporate development concept,  promoted the "spirit of harmonious virtues, good governance,  innovation",  "striving to enhance core competitiveness  serve the world advertising industry". purpose. Welcome your presence  guidance,  look forward to your joining  witnessing. Let us set a new starting point, create new glory,  work together for a better future! As an important place for companies to display their brand image, Guozong Aluminum always adheres to companies that focus on brand image, shapes brand values, participates in national trade exhibitions many times,  comprehensively displays company products  images to all customers worldwide. Guozong enterprises always share advances in advertising technology for customers at home  abroad,  build a win-win cooperation in the era of sharing economy!


Mobile phone: Mr. Yao: 151-3363-1133

Landline: 0757-88048677

Email: 731731188@qq.com


Foshan Guozong Advertising Aluminum Co., Ltd.


Address: No. 28, North of Chatian Street, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City


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