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What are the factors that affect the price of aluminum for picture frames?


Picture frame aluminum is an abbreviation of aluminum -magnesium alloy molding material, which is currently developing rapidly in China,  is mainly used in the construction of doors  windows  light box identification related industries. High, material appearance size is accurate,  more environmentally friendly.

Frame aluminum

      Fast production cycle  convenient transportation: After the development of aluminum profiles is completed, the rest can be assembled. It has advantages for multi-batch products. Traditionally produced products can only be transported as a whole. If aluminum profiles are used, they can be scattered. It can reduce the transportation cost  the damage rate during transportation.

      Overall aesthetics: After the production of the traditional picture frame, the appearance of the picture frame is subject to different degrees of corrosion due to problems with the material of the picture frame, which leads to an increase in subsequent cleaning  maintenance costs. When using aluminum profiles, the surface of the aluminum profile is smooth  delicate. It is easy to hide dirt  dirt,  the subsequent cleaning cost is relatively low.

Frame aluminum factory

      1. Picture frame aluminum material cost. We know that aluminum is refined  aluminum ore, so if the price of aluminum ore changes, it will affect the price of aluminum,  thus the price of aluminum for picture frames .

      2. Social inventory. Electrolytic aluminum is linked to aluminum ingots  rods. If the stock of electrolytic aluminum is large, the price of aluminum ingots will decrease; the inventory of aluminum rods is tight,  the price of aluminum frames Will follow the increase, that is, the price of aluminum will change as the supply  demand of the market changes.

      3. Consumable costs. A large amount of basic energy consumption such as water, electricity,  chemical solutions is consumed during the production of aluminum frame. The price fluctuation of basic energy consumption will directly affect the cost of aluminum production, so the basic energy consumption is also the main factor affecting the price fluctuation of aluminum frame. one.

      4. Environmental protection policies There are many local aluminum companies that have reduced production  closed down due to environmental protection policies, which has led to high prices for aluminum frames. It can be seen that environmental protection policies have a greater impact on the aluminum industry.




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