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What kinds of advertising aluminum surface treatment processes?


Advertising aluminum surface treatment is mainly divided into: fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, anodizing (cathode oxidation), electrophoresis, electroplating, etc. The surface treatment methods of these aluminum profiles are the same  different. The same point is that a protective film is added to the surface of aluminum profiles; the difference is that fluorocarbon spraying  powder spraying rely on electrostatic coating on the aluminum profile surface, so it is also called electrostatic spraying ; Anodization  electrophoresis are protective films formed by positive  negative direct current  the positive  negative phases of molecules, atoms,  ions forming a film that adhere to a metal surface;How much advertising aluminum

There are similarities between electroplating  anodizing  electrophoretic art. The difference is that the electroplating may  be metal. The electroplating solution consists of compounds containing plating metals (zinc, chromium, nickel, etc.), conductive salts, buffers, Composition of aqueous solutions such as pH adjusters  additives:

1. Electroplating can process hardware  plastic.

2. Electrophoresis  anode can only handle conductive objects.

3. Electroplating  electrophoresis both add material to the surface of the object to be treated, in other words, increase the thickness.

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4. Anodizing is to remove the material  the object, that is, the thickness after the anode will be reduced.

To sum up: the surface treatment of advertising aluminum profiles needs to be evaluated according to the customer's specific size requirements  tolerance requirements to determine whether the size of the aluminum profile after oxidation is qualified.




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