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What are the shapes sizes of picture frame aluminum extrusion process blanks?


The shape  size of the picture frame aluminum blank are important process factors that determine the technical indicators throughout the aluminum extrusion process. The original condition for determining the shape  size of the aluminum frame blank of the picture frame is the specified shape  size of the extruded aluminum profile. Obviously, in all cases, it is reasonable to use as large a billet as possible. When selecting the shape, cross-sectional size  length of the billet, consideration should be given to ensuring the quality of the extruded aluminum profile (higher geometric dimension accuracy). , The allowable deformation non-uniformity is small), the allowable stress  allowable total pressure of the aluminum extrusion processing tool (depending on the mechanical characteristics of the extruder).

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The cross-sectional shape of the extruded product is more. The blank can be selected as a round cross-section  a rectangular cross-section. In order to reduce the unevenness of the mechanical properties of the extruded product, the cross-sectional area of the aluminum frame blank of the picture frame should be guaranteed to have a small allowable extrusion coefficient after filling  extrusion.

When lubricating  extruding, the length of the billet has no effect on the quality of the extruded aluminum profile,  its mechanical conditions have little to do with the length of the billet. Therefore, a billet that is as factory as possible is used.

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During non-lubricated extrusion, as the aluminum frame of the picture frame grows, the unevenness of deformation increases. In addition, under this condition, as the length of the blank increases, the extrusion consumed to overcome the friction force Increase in force. However, if the length of the ingot is shortened, the amount of specific metal consumed in the extrusion residue will increase,  aluminum extrusion processing should be performed in consideration of a reasonable blank length based on the above points.




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