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Advertising aluminum

Years of concentration

Advertising aluminum profile


10 years of concentrationRigorous craftsmanship and craftsman pursuit

Guozong, an advertising aluminum profile manufacturer with 10 years of industry experience, adheres to quality starting  the beginning  practising in production. Out of inspection, it wins customers  focuses on the R & D design  production of advertising aluminum profiles. High-quality products, the company always adheres to the "people-oriented, honest management; technological innovation, development  improvement" corporate development concept, promotes the "good morals, harmonious  motivated, innovation-oriented" corporate spirit…

Guozong aluminum products center

Meet your one-stop high standard customization needs

Independent brand creates reliable and good quality

Many years of industry production experience, reliable quality


4 core advantages

Provide customers with more than expected advertising aluminum profile solutions

Enterprise strength Ten years brand, 20000 square meters workshop

A focus on advertising aluminum research, development, production, sales as one of the large advertising aluminum production suppliers.

The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, staff 200 people, perennial inventory.

Strictly carry out higher than the industry standard of quality control standard system, to ensure product quality.

Light box aluminum quality stable  reliable, cost-effective, got accepted by the majority of users  affirmation.

High cost performance Factory direct sales, lower cost

Self owned factory production, product certification  inspection, 

the same quality products cost-effective, manufacturers direct price more favorable.

After the products are finished, they will be delivered directly by guozong, which avoids the exploitation of intermediate links 

reduces the circulation cost of products.

deliver goods on schedule 7 days fast delivery rapid customization production

Company has good design, production capacity, has a professional light box aluminum product design, technology research  development engineers  professional production。

Has a group of industry experienced technical team, 2000 tons of perennial spot inventory, customized products for 7 days

Delivery, spot straight hair, don't delay your time.

Service support Active follow up service, timely after-sale problems

Perfect service system, provide 24 hours online service,  design  production to after-sales service each link by heart.

Improve the cost of the system, can provide you with 30 minutes fast quotation, timely response, more intimate service.

Technical personnel on call 24 hours  solve the technical problems  provide solutions, resolve customer problems in a timely manner.

Processing case display

National high-tech enterprises, we have not only technology, but also quality and service

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Advertising aluminum

Foshan Guozong Advertising Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Foshan Guozong Advertising Aluminum is a company specializing in the production of advertising aluminum profiles: advertising light boxes / promotional bars / art frames / display boards / signage signs / ceiling keels / power supply boxes  hardware accessories, etc .; Production quality architecture management system. The company has always adhered to the "people-oriented, honest management; technological innovation, development  improvement" corporate development concept,  promoted the "spirit of harmonious virtues, good governance,  innovation",  "striving to improve core competitiveness  serve the world's advertising industry." purpose. Welcome your presence  guidance,  look forward to your joining  witnessing. Let us set a new starting point, create new glory,  work together for a better future!

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