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How to reduce avoid scrapped advertising aluminum bending


      Everyone who does extrusion of aluminum profiles knows that scrapping of advertising aluminum materials under bending is  worthwhile, it should  happen,  it can be avoided! So how to reduce  avoid scrapping due to bending?

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      Extrusion straightening: Straightening is a serious part of bending caused by aluminum profiles. Straighteners must pay attention to the force used for straightening. Excessive strength of aluminum profiles may cause deformation, closing, orange peel, etc. Small will cause the profile to straighten  cause bending.

      Squeezing  framing: This link is also very important. After sawing a fixed length, it is necessary to framing. This fashion frameman should pay attention to: whether the material is large  small, with tube  flat die What comes out? Generally speaking, it is  easy to bend the large material  the material with the tube at the two ends of the frame. However, the small material  the material drawn by the flat mold are easy to bend at the two ends of the aluminum profile. Move closer to the middle to lift  pack the frame. However, some profiles are  enough, such as shutters, windows, glands, etc., such materials must be placed on the aged profiles  then lifted into the frame.

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      Surface treatment on the shelf: the blank has been aged  the hardness has reached the standard, the aluminum profile is  so easy to bend, but it should be paid attention to when the shelf is lifted, try to avoid strong fluctuations up  down. Certain bending.




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