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Briefly describe the methods of film formation of aluminum frame?


      Frame aluminum processing plant manufactured frame of aluminum , the conventional way of checking removed, there is a way to check the frame quality aluminum, aluminum film which is, in fact, different quality frame Aluminum Material, conversion film time are different!

Frame aluminum

      The quality of aluminum can be distinguished during alkali etching. If the surface is made of too many black-gray films  red films after alkali etching, it must be aluminum containing silicon  higher copper. The time for conversion into a film should be shortened, otherwise the obtained film layer must  meet the conductivity standard. Therefore, the time to be controlled according to different aluminum profiles during oxidation is different. In order to ensure this, different types of aluminum materials can  be made in the same string, to avoid being unable to control each other's appropriate oxidation time.

      The difference in surface gloss of the aluminum frame after the conductive chemical conversion treatment is more obvious than the difference in the oxide film obtained due to the different formulations of other production processes. Aluminum has high purity  slow film formation; aluminum has low purity  instead forms a fast film. Without opening the frame, single-frame aluminum is used. According to customers' different specifications  sizes, imported Makita automatic cutting machines are used for accurate positioning  slitting  positioning assembly.

Shenzhen frame aluminum

      Make conventional aluminum alloy industrial products into exquisite works of art, give customers a good visual enjoyment, achieve a good publicity effect,  enhance the added value of customers' publicity products. Open frame is a new generation of wall publicity frame that has emerged in recent years. The frame adopts a composite elastic structure  uses imported high-elastic manganese steel shrapnel. Operate employees to ensure excellent product supply.

      Open frame picture board poster frame photo frame, the operation is extremely simple, the user only needs to open the four sides of the frame, put in the prepared photo screen poster,  then put a protective transparent film, the four sides can be jammed, according to different customers Need to install a hanging piece on the back for wall hanging, a hole for mounting on the frame for wall fixing  locking,  a double-sided adhesive sponge to prevent hanging parts  holes, generally suitable for elevator  smooth wall stickers It can be kept stable for 2-3 years if it is pasted normally.




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