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What precautions should be taken during the drawing of aluminum frame?


      Stretching must be cooled in the aluminum alloy profile of the picture frame to below 50 degrees before moving to the stretching frame for stretching operations. If the temperature is too high, stretching will burn the human body  the tops,  it will  completely eliminate the painting. The internal stress of the frame aluminum alloy profile shows twists, twists,  poor functions before  after aging.

The frame aluminum processing

      The amount of stretching is controlled at 1%,  it should be noted that too much stretching will cause head, middle  tail scale errors, surface water-like twists (fish scales), low elongation, high hardness  brittleness (low plasticity). Too low stretch will make the compressive strength  hardness of the frame profile low,  even the aging (quenching) can  improve the hardness,  the profile is easy to bend  bend (commonly known as large knife bend).

      In order to control the amount of tensile deformation  the dimensions of the entire picture frame profile, it is necessary to  a suitable special clamp  a suitable method. In particular, the opening material, arc material, cantilever material,  zigzag shape profile should pay attention to the reasonable  useful application of the stretch clamp.

Pay attention to the stress conditions of small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surfaces, inclined surfaces, openings, viewpoints, etc. of profiles with high width-to-thickness ratios, long cantilever walls, large arcs, huge wall thicknesses,  strange shapes. Avoid section, point-like scale deformation, twisting, screwing  other shortcomings.

Frame aluminum prices

      Because the wool top has a heat-resisting effect, aluminum profiles with high decorative appearance must be turned upside-down  back-to-back in order to dissipate heat evenly  reduce the shortcomings of lateral bright spots caused by uneven heat dissipation  uneven crystallinity. More attention should be paid to thicker aluminum profiles.

Do  rub, pull, stack, jam,  entangle each other during the process of reclaiming, moving,  stretching,  leave a certain interval between each other. Handle the aluminum frame profiles that are prone to twists  turns  the length of the material to be discharged in a timely manner,  if necessary, maintain  dispose of each other.




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