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What should be noticed in the process of making picture frame aluminum?


Frame aluminum processing every aspect, manufacturers have to rationalize the process, we can better enhance the utilization of materials  efficient to reduce frame aluminum cast loss, that frame our aluminum manufacturers In other words, what can we do to effectively reduce the loss of aluminum materials?

The frame aluminum processing

      I. During the production of picture frame aluminum materials, strictly follow the process requirements to ensure that the qualified rate of each process of aluminum materials is high. Especially in the process of processing ordinary aluminum, try to avoid the occurrence of defective aluminum such as flash, burrs,  weight mismatches. .

      In the process of processing picture frame aluminum, we must make full contact with oxygen, reduce the contact time of liquid aluminum  oxygen,  meet the conditions of processing, as soon as possible to change the liquid aluminum in the furnace The finished product reduces the oxidation time in the manufacturing process.

      3. There are many processing links for picture frame aluminum materials. At this moment, reasonable processing time should be planned to ensure the quality of the processing  save losses in the manufacturing process.

Frame aluminum manufacturer

      In the process of casting aluminum rods in the aluminum frame, the metal elements  structures in the aluminum rods are uneven. In addition, there are usually residual stresses in the aluminum rods. The inhomogeneity of the ingot changes the pressure processing technology of the ingot  some characteristics of the aluminum frame. It is necessary to carry out the uniform treatment of the ingot, which is carried out in a homogenizing furnace.

      The hot air circulation system of the homogeneous furnace uses multiple fans with large air volume in series to ensure that the temperature difference in the furnace is extremely small. The heating system of the homogeneous furnace uses multiple nozzles  multiple points for heating. The combustion of the nozzles is controlled proportionally to ensure that the combustion is complete  the temperature in the furnace is uniform. The loading  unloading of the homogenizing furnace is completed by a composite three-dimensional material cart. The composite three-dimensional material cart can operate in six directions: front, back, left, right, up,  down. The cooling system of the homogenizing furnace is closely combined with water cooling  air cooling. The aluminum frame of the picture frame achieves a very good cooling effect at a low cost.




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