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Ultra-thin light box aluminum etc

Ultra-thin light box aluminum etc

  • Classification:Ultra-thin light box series,
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  • Date of issue:2020-03-23
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Product parameters

Product name: 2.5 ultra-thin aluminum

Product model: GZ - C251AC

Product size:

GZ - C251A is 9 mm long 24.5 mm

GZ - C251C 14 mm long 24.5 mm high

GZ - C251AC 24.5 mm high 17.5 mm long

The thickness of the product:

GZ - C251AC thick 0.6

With accessories

Shrapnel: 18 * 21 * 1

Angle code: 45 * * 1 13

Screw: 5 * 6 * 4

Flash silver, bright black, sand product color: black, gold other colors can be customized

Surface treatment: oxidation, processing, extrusion

Product material: aluminum 6063 - T5

Product use: mobile phone shop, clothing shop, jewelry store, shopping malls, railway stations, Banks, airports, indoor, outdoor, subway, etc

Product features: charging thickening, high-quality materials bearing stress deformation, convenient installation, light, easy to use, beautiful atmosphere,





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